Stackery is Now Running on SAM (Serverless Application Model) from AWS

Garrett Gillas

Amazon Web Services SAM is a developer-centric, cloud native, open source framework to define serverless applications faster and with better consistency. SAM provides a standard for defining the architecture of serverless projects. Stackery now supports this framework natively and provides the tools for maintaining best practices, streamlining workflows, and enforcing consistency.

Amazon continues to move the industry forward from static, monolithic technology to a much more distributed landscape. Because it’s an open source standard heavily supported by and aligned with AWS, SAM benefits from Amazon’s prominence in the industry and the ecosystem established around them. As a part of Amazon’s toolbox, SAM comes with the resources and support of SAR, the Serverless Application Repository.

Velocity and Efficiency

So what changes are expected from Stackery now that it deploys to AWS using SAM? On the surface it might not look like much of anything has changed. Stackery customers still have full control and everything will continue to be stored and accessible in the same AWS account.

SAM is a open source community supported standard, heavily backed by AWS, the clear leader for hosting serverless apps. Opting for SAM means that you’re building your apps on the leading open source standard with a vibrant community to turn to when you need support, and it gives you to access to all the tools and advantages of such an ecosystem, like SAM local development mode.

Stackery endows you with the power to generate and manage SAM templates directly. Maintain full control while increasing consistency and efficiency by automating the most repetitive infrastructure configuration tasks. Just a few clicks in the Stackery Operations Console can generate new infrastructure-as-code configurations — You can also manually edit existing SAM templates and alter them to fit your needs. Doing that any other way would require significantly higher time and work investments.

Consistency and Scalability

Move fast without the fear that you’ll make mistakes. Engineering time is better spent working on core problems than small, monotonous tasks but the nature of writing software means consistency and attention to detail are vital. Every organization wants to move fast — leadership and engineering teams can always agree on that much — and Stackery with SAM enables higher velocity without sacrificing consistency. By building with Stackery on SAM, developers can enjoy the benefits of Lambda’s scalability while consistently shipping stable code and minimizing the serverless learning curve.

At Stackery, we want people to be able to use their own tools and write their applications the way they want. For developers who want to move fast, SAM makes that possible without creating new abstractions that cause trouble in the long run. Move fast with stable infrastructure.

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