Built for teams to do more serverless.

The Stackery serverless platform is designed for you to move fast, especially as you take on new projects, add team members, and scale best practices. From design and development through the final push to production, Stackery automation helps you adhere to your organization’s Well-Architected and security practices, without slowing you down.


… using an intelligent visual canvas

The teams developing and delivering serverless applications require a clear view into their architecture for longterm software health and scalability. Stackery’s comprehensive dashboard grants every team member visibility and iterative control.

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Collaborate with a sophisticated VS Code plug-in designed for teams to rapidly scaffold modern application architectures.
Drag-and-drop support to connect and configure services from a palette of dozens of AWS resources.
Let Stackery generate finely-scoped IAM roles and environment data as you design.


... 60x faster

Iterate in seconds and focus on perfecting core business logic.

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Rapid iteration through CloudLocal development and debugging for any Lambda function in any language or framework – against the full runtime and cloudstack permissions.
Leverage least-privilege IAM roles providing automatic connectivity to cloud resources so that local testing is rapid and consistent with AWS execution.
Stackery automates instrumentation, overlays metrics, and creates shortcuts into curated logs within your own AWS account.
Stackery is integrated with AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Server, GitHub, and GitLab and enables single sign-on user management through Okta.


... using automation and verification

Automate pipeline delivery and promote consistent use of accounts, environments, and credentials as your team and application complexity grow.

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Stackery keeps environments in sync with AWS to segment resources, parameters, and secrets while underpinning systematically governed change management.
Enable development teams to scale and leverage a tuned set of AWS IAM roles, permissions and secrets, aligned across all accounts and environments.
Automatic creation and tear-down of ephemeral environments for vulnerability scanning, unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
Continuous delivery automation and verification for all code and infrastructure components of the production application.
Tracking environments, users and actions, detailing who did what, to which stack, and when.

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