The Complete Solution for Building, Managing and Operating Serverless Applications

Fast-growing companies use AWS Lambda to build architecture with limitless scalability. Stackery is the way teams build and manage serverless infrastructure quickly.

More Than Just a Framework

Stackery provides more than just the basics for serverless development. It allows teams to build professional applications and manage them through the entire lifecycle.

Write Code, Not Configuration

Don't spend all your time writing YAML. Stackery empowers teams to instantly provision new environments and resources efficiently.

Instantly Monitor & Scale

Stackery is the complete serverless platform engineered for growth. Build, deploy, monitor and scale all from the same operations console.

Build Without Limits

Stackery allows developers to build features without needing to spend unnecessary time on tools. Centralized deployment automation, new service bootstrapping, and multiple environments come standard out of the box. Build fully customized serverless stacks with confidence in minutes.

Learn about Stackery's serverless build process.

Build Without Limits - Stackery
To get started, create an account on the sign-up page. Follow the instructions to install the command-line interface.

Complete the installation by running: $ stackery login

This will prompt you for the email address and password associated with your Stackery account. Once authenticated, it will provision a new API key for your account.
Use Stackery CLI to link your Stackery and AWS account(s):

$ stackery aws setup

You may run the aws setup command multiple times to link additional AWS accounts to your Stackery account.
You can bootstrap a serverless project and deploy into your AWS account using these commands:

$ stackery create --stack-name lambdaApi

$ stackery deploy --stack-name lambdaApi --env-name development --git-ref master

Success! You've deployed a serverless app! Get the rest of the documentation here.

Deploy Applications Quickly

Setup Stackery with three quick commands. The centralized build pipeline includes environment management for quick development cycles and consistent releases. Ship new functions faster with effortless rollback capabilities. Stackery makes building, iterating, staging, and deploying apps fast, reliable, and secure.

Learn about deploying cloud functions with Stackery.

Manage, Monitor & Automate

Always know what’s happening with your serverless applications with built-in monitoring of request limits, response times, bandwidth, and errors. Stackery integrates seamlessly with GitHub so all of your configuration files are stored to your repository automatically. Effectively manage changes across multiple AWS accounts, regions and devops teams.

Learn about serverless application monitoring.

Stackery Application Setup on AWS Lambda

Serverless Built for Teams

Empower your entire team to safely and reliably self-serve their own environments. Standardized instrumentation and error visibility keeps production healthy and everyone on the same page. Get clear visibility into every release, backed by your existing version control system. Stackery is built on cloud-native standards and builds on AWS Serverless Application Model. Stackery is also an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner.

Learn managing engineering teams with Stackery.

Scale Applications with a Single Click

Stackery provides actionable data and metrics which help you identify and fix bottlenecks so your entire application scales with your Lambda functions. Coordinate across teams to manage change as your architecture grows. Run and scale mission-critical applications in production with the leading professional serverless toolkit.

Scaling FaaS infrastructure with Stackery.

Scale Applications with a Single Click - Stackery

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