Stackery Application Setup on AWS Lambda

Stackery Enables Software Teams to Harness the True Power of Serverless

Stackery applications are built on the best practices of cloud innovation — that means your architecture will feature operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost-optimization... all with an accelerated and intuitive engineering workflow.

Locally develop and debug any Lambda function in any language or framework -- against the full runtime and cloudstack permissions.
Use The Stackery GUI or our VS Code Extension to see the logic behind/relationship between various cloud services.
Edit your AWS CloudFormation & AWS SAM templates visually to gain speed, clarity, and auto-generation
Deploy your PR-ready code to multiple environments via CI/CD automation or manually triggered commands.


...60x faster

Gain critical architecture visualization and local cloud-testing and debugging capabilities so your team can focus on perfecting core business logic and iterate in seconds.

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Deliver days, not weeks

Stackery streamlines the use of accounts, environments, and credentials as your team and application-complexity grow.
Empower your team to unlock DevOps best practices for scalable, iterative serverless projects.

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Stackery is integrated with AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Server, GitHub, and GitLab. It provides greater application observability via Epsagon and allows for single sign-on with Okta. Stackery’s VS Code extension allows for template automation and visual editing while easily integrating with the CLI
Stackery’s scalable, enterprise-grade operations console provides next-gen runtime support for even the most complex serverless systems.
Stackery applies the full range of AWS security controls to your serverless development and delivery workflow while automating the secure delivery of applications to the AWS cloud. Close compliance risks without sacrificing engineering speed.
With Stackery, secrets and parameters are automatically name-spaced by Stackery-managed environments, freeing you to focus on development while Stackery injects the right data as you promote your work. Control who has access to those organized environments for each stack.
As new cloud resources are built, the Stackery Operations Console provides guidance on how to properly configure each resource.

Engineering teams are able to maintain control over their infrastructure while ensuring that their resource configuration is well-suited for success
Easily follow the 12-Factor App Manifesto with Stackery Secrets tooling.

Stackery namespaces each secret with the name of the environment where it was initially created and allows teams to easily create, delete, list, and set secrets in the Stackery CLI and Dashboard
Stackery’s error and timeout monitoring give developers constant feedback on serverless application health and performance.

With native integration into AWS CloudWatch, you’ll know that every function has consistent logging, metrics collection, and AWS X-Ray tracing. Every software engineer gets complete visibility into their serverless architecture with one-click shortcuts to scoped logs and metrics in dedicated CloudWatch accounts.
Stackery’s multi-pronged support-approach ensures engineers and their entire team is heard and supported by real serverless engineers and certified AWS practitioners.


… & reduce database overhead to zero

The teams developing and delivering serverless applications require a clear view into their architecture for longterm software health and scalability. Stackery’s comprehensive dashboard grants every team member visibility and iterative control.

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