Infrastructure as code. For everyone.

Seamlessly toggle between sketch and code. Whiteboard meets editor for your AWS SAM templates.

Health & metrics rollup

With Stackery, you’re one click away from deploying your infrastructure-as-code but we go further in providing a rollup of information about managed stacks live in AWS, including invocation metrics, environment data, and deep-links are provided to relevant parts of the AWS Console. No more foraging!

Say goodbye to ‘*’ resource policies

Stackery starts you off with secure defaults for many AWS services, including auto-generation of finely-scoped IAM roles between resources and auto-generation of root RDS credentials stored into AWS Secrets Manager.

Turn-key CI/CD

Stackery seamlessly fits into your development workflow, fully managing ephemeral infrastructure stacks to support peer review and automated testing, all managed for you within your AWS account- not third-party services or Stackery servers.

Focus on outcomes, not API docs

Stackery’s team of serverless experts and AWS Heroes keep up with the prolific development at AWS so that you can take advantage of new capabilities with a click instead of pouring over CloudFormation documentation.

“Stackery has been key in our ability to visualize and explain serverless systems to stakeholders who might not understand all that is available to them via AWS. In fact, we like to say that Stackery has been the gateway drug to all of the services AWS has to offer.”

Richard Brookfield — VP of Engineering, three five two

Environments and change promotion

Stackery manages environments with automatic namespacing for you, backed by AWS Secrets Manager & AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store. Our deployment pipeline makes it easy to validate and promote changes through to production.

Multi-account practices made easy

Stackery reinforces AWS multi-account best practices in conjunction with your use of AWS Organizations, enabling per-account separation of environments, deployments, and the AWS infrastructure used to build, test, and deploy changes.

Security best practices

Stackery helps achieve secure infrastructure from the first deployment by generating finely-scoped IAM roles to enable connected resources to interoperate, automating Secrets Manager storage of Aurora Serverless root passwords, and more.

Comprehensive audit logging

Stackery provides detailed activity across every resource, region, and environment you’re managing with deep-links into AWS Console services like CloudWatch so you can always keep tabs on what’s been deployed, where, when, and by whom.


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