Deploy SAM Applications Faster with Stackery

Stackery now builds on top of AWS SAM (AWS Serverless Application Model), so developers can build and deploy faster with perfect consistency and a shallower learning curve.

Individual developers along with teams of all sizes can quickly get serverless dev enviornments up and running and start building with just a few clicks. Develop functions against live AWS resources and manage every environment in the pipeline from a centralized operations console that integrates with existing CI/CD tools. Stackery provides better building blocks for serverless, so developers can spend less time on configuring and more time building and shipping.

Streamlined Team Ergonomics

In world where every developer needs access to the full menu of AWS services, Stackery makes it easy to keep the team working without merge conflicts and config drift. Mange dev, test, and production, enviornmant parameters across multiple AWS accounts and any CloudFormation capable service to keep everyone on the same page without sacrificing operations control or limiting developer creativity.

Streamlined Team Ergonomics
Cloud-Native Builds


SAM is a popular, well supported open source framework supported by AWS. Developers already using SAM can bring everything to Stackery and start building immediately. And the opposite is true too — developers who’ve been hesitant to switch to or learn SAM, fearing configuration risks, can start building with automated best practices to learn faster with Stackery. Since all of Stackery's output is in standard AWS SAM while your code stays in your repos, the only risk you face is going slower without Stackery.

Developer-Centric Features

As the way we build applications changes with serverless, developers are more and more frequently expected to handle DevOps responsibilities. Stackery automates instrumentation, overlays metrics, and creates shortcuts into curated logs within your own AWS account, so developers can get back to writing applications.

Developer-Centric Features

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