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Build production-ready applications with Stackery's complete serverless toolkit.

Stackery - Serverless on AWS Lambda

The Fastest Toolkit for Serverless Development

Health Dashboard

The Stackery dashboard features built-in status monitoring with instant rollback protection. Additionally, our community support documentation has information and guidance for a large variety of technical challenges.

Automatic Build Packaging

Stackery's automated build process includes environment management and automatic error handling. Auto-provision DNS and SSL certificates without needing to open AWS.

GitHub Integration

Git support in Stackery works seamlessly with your existing repos. Stackery supports Python, Node.js, Java, and .Net/C# so that you can build applications in an environment that you are used to.

Why Developers Love Stackery

  • Use Your Favorite Tools
    Stackery works with your existing IDE, version control, CI/CD process, and AWS account to bring them together for a seamless workflow.
  • Quick Configuration
    Stop struggling through CloudFormation docs. Instantly provision correctly configured resources and quickly spin up new environments.
  • Instant Diagnostics
    Easily access performance metrics and get details with quick links directly into the exact logs you are looking for.
Why Developers Love Stackery
Why Companies Love Stackery

Why Companies Love Stackery

  • Organizational Consistency
    Get standardized logging, instrumentation, and policy enforcement on every resource, in every environment, for every developer.
  • Standards Compliant
    Stackery is built on cloud-native standards backed by AWS CloudFormation and will follow your existing roles and permission system.
  • Built for Security
    Extend your existing security model to serverless with IAM policy enforcement, versioned rollbacks of every service, and inventory control.

Your Choice: User Interface or Command Line

Building complex applications with serverless can be daunting. Stackery allows you to build out complete applications in AWS Lambda quickly. Stackery takes the heavy lifting out of integrating existing cloud architecture with serverless.

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