Serverless With Confidence:
Write Functions, Not YAML

Select and configure services. Develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services. Manage the pipeline to production.

The Fastest and Safest Path from
‘Hello World’ to ‘Wow, Thanks!'

Cloudside development environments

To develop with cloud services, you have to configure and deploy an architecture. With drag and drop editing, you can build a deployable architecture with properly configured AWS services and guardrails faster than you can erase your whiteboard. The standard cloudformation infrastructure code is a click away and bi-directional, easing the serverless learning curve.

Local speed with cloudside consistency

AWS services won’t fit in your laptop, so after you deploy your dev environment, you’ll want to build AWS Lambdas locally against live cloud services in your own AWS accounts with sandboxed development environments for everyone on the team. Develop, debug, and ship your app with time left over to talk to end users.

Commit & promote from Dev to Prod

As you grow from a dev environment to test/staging/prod while adding collaborators and services, the number of environment-specific secrets and resources such as test and production databases will expand. We keep the environments in your CI/CD pipeline organized, namespaced, and compliant regardless of the complexity of your release requirements.

Developers: Write functions, not YAML

  • Set up cloudside dev environments
    Configure an architecture of AWS services, understand the code behind it, deploy it, and begin developing with confidence that permissions are set, patterns are followed, and roll-backs are a click away.
  • Supercharge your tools
    Stackery enhances your existing IDE, cloud or on-prem version control, CI/CD process, and AWS accounts to collaboratively compose apps with cloud services.
  • Cloud resource inventory
    Easily access AWS CloudWatch metrics, X-Ray traces, or advanced data from our monitoring partners to get the insight you need.
Why Developers Love Stackery
Why Companies Love Stackery

Architects: More architecture, less "fix that indent"

  • Organizational consistency & learning
    Get standardized logging, instrumentation, and policy enforcement on every resource, in every environment, for every developer, while developers get to learn infrasturture as code concepts.
  • Standards compliance
    Stackery is built on cloud-native standards backed by AWS CloudFormation and follows your existing deployment pipeline roles and permissions system.
  • Your data, your security policies
    Your code stays in your repos and your data in your AWS accounts. Extend your existing security model to serverless with correctly scoped IAM service permissions, versioned rollbacks of every service, and inventory control.

Join our Weekly Serverless Livestreams

Stackery Weekly Webinar

Building serverless applications results in the fastest deployment and iteration for teams today. However, the process of building, deploying and managing serverless applications is different from what software teams have done in the past. Stackery hosts free weekly livestreams classes and recordings that cover:

  1. What is the anatomy of a serverless application?
  2. How are leading developers innovating with serverless, GraphQL, security, functionless, AWS Lambdas, and more
  3. How do you set up a dev or other environment with AWS SAM or framework architectures using Stackery's visual editor and YAML template editor. VPCs, IAM permissions, and CDNs in seconds!
  4. Create and manage dev, test, and production environments where namespacing, secrets, and more are consistent - so you can focus on collaborating.
  5. Prepare functions and cloudformation templates for deployment with Stackery and your existing CI/CD process.

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