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What does Serverless mean for the future of DevOps

What to look for at re:Invent for serverless and DevOps professionals
4 min

As a 10-year DevOps & IT Automation veteran, I expect we'll see a lot about AWS Serverless at re:Invent for 3 key reasons. Adoption of AWS Serverless has reached over half of AWS users, they're facing fierce user-focused competition from the Edge, but AWS has been steadily closing key gaps in offering enterprise-grade managed services.


Your re:Invent 2020 Schedule

The Stackery team combed the schedule to find the must-attend events
1 min

Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps.


pre:Invent Roundup

All the AWS announcements that were eclipsed by an outage
4 min

Everything AWS announced in the week before re:Invent that you might have missed!

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