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The Secret Lives of Failed Amazon SQS Messages

How to redrive your SQS messages to success
3 min

I found lots of information about dead letter queues, but no examples that demoed a redrive function to retry those failed messages. This post is meant to serve as a nice example for folks like me who want to do this on AWS and haven’t found many examples.


Architecting Your AWS re:Invent Experience

Or, how to consume re:Invent content to build better apps today
5 min

AWS has turned running their annual re:Invent conference into a science. The 2020 virtual version will certainly be different from the Las Vegas versions, but they will still be sharing the latest and greatest new functionality for you to build better apps. However, AWS ships so much new stuff every year (and nothing seems to slow them down!) it can be hard to figure out how to consume and synthesize all the information in order scale your modern applications. Never fear! We at Stackery have perfected the art of drinking from the re:Invent firehose and are here to help you!


Your re:Invent 2020 Schedule

The Stackery team combed the schedule to find the must-attend events
1 min

Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps.


pre:Invent Roundup

All the AWS announcements that were eclipsed by an outage
4 min

Everything AWS announced in the week before re:Invent that you might have missed!

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