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The Stackery team combed the schedule to find the must-attend events

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A week-by-week guide for 2020 AWS re:Invent

What every Serverless Developer needs to follow for re:Invent.

re:Invent 2020 is here and while you don't have to find Galileo 601 or Hall G it can still be a lot to manage. Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps.

In addition to the Serverless Track and the Keynotes we recommend these particular sessions. If you need help putting your schedule together we love Cloud Pegboard!

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Modern Application Architecture

architected by Chase Douglas

Mainframe workloads’ fast track to agilityTue, Dec 111:15 AM
Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB – Part 1Wed, Dec 21:15 PM
Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB – Part 2Thu, Dec 32:00 PM
Building revolutionary serverless applicationsWed, Dec 911:00 AM

Serverless and DevOps

assembled by Ryan Coleman

Amazon’s culture of innovationWed, Dec 28:45 AM
Securing your Amazon ECS applications: Best practicesThu, Dec 311:30 AM
How Capital One manages the health of its applications on AWSWed, Dec 98:00 AM
Testable infrastructure: Integration testing on AWSTue, Dec 1510:00 AM
Orchestrating complex deployments using AWS Developer ToolsWed, Dec 1612:45 PM

Serverless for the Enterprise

curated by Tim Zonca

Build a modern technology foundation for your company's futureMon, Nov 309:00 PM
How accelerates innovation with serverlessTue, Dec 111:15 AM
From complexity to clarity: The strategic value of AWSWed, Dec 98:00 AM
Digital transformation: Attributes of a 21st-century agile organizationThu, Dec 1010:00 AM

Serverless Success Stories

gathered by Farrah Campbell

Building for the future with AWS databasesWed, Dec 29:15 AM
AWS Partner Keynote - LIVEThu, Dec 37:45 AM
Transformation, migration, and governance: Lessons learnedThu, Dec 311:15 AM
Fidelity Investments’ journey to operationalize cloud observabilityThu, Dec 1712:00 PM

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