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Serverless for the Enterprise

What to look for at re:Invent and what's next for serverless
4 min

AWS puts on one of the largest tech conferences on the planet—and they've mastered it. Even though 2020’s virtual re:Invent will be *very* different from the venue at the Venetian, I’m certain AWS will put on another great show. I’m also certain they will give us all a massive onslaught of new products and capabilities, customer success stories, partner updates, and more. As exciting as the news coming out of re:Invent is, it can also be daunting. There’s a lot. A real lot. But there’s no need to worry—the team at Stackery has perfected helping people quickly learn about and take advantage of the latest from AWS!


Your re:Invent 2020 Schedule

The Stackery team combed the schedule to find the must-attend events
1 min

Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps.


pre:Invent Roundup

All the AWS announcements that were eclipsed by an outage
4 min

Everything AWS announced in the week before re:Invent that you might have missed!

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