Webhooks Made Easy with Stackery

Anna Spysz

Webhooks are about as close as you can get to the perfect serverless use case. They are event-driven and generally perform just one (stateless) function. So of course we wanted to show how easy it is to implement webhooks using Stackery.

Our newest tutorial, the Serverless Webhooks Tutorial, teaches you to create a GitHub webhook and connect it to a Lambda function through an API Gateway. Or, to put it simple terms: when your GitHub repository does a thing, your function does another thing. What that second thing does is completely up to you.

Here are some possible use cases of a GitHub webhook:

  • Connect your webhook to the Slack API and have Slack ping your team members when someone has opened a PR
  • Have your function deploy another stack when its master branch is updated
  • Expanding on that, you can even have your function deploy to multiple environments depending on which branch has been updated
  • Write an Alexa Skill that plays a certain song when your repository has been starred - the possibilities are endless!

The best part is, GitHub allows you to be very specific in what events you subscribe to, and you can further narrow down events in your function logic.

So for example, do you want to be notified by text message every time Jim pushes a change to the master branch of your repository, because Jim has been known to push buggy code? You can set that up using webhooks and Stackery, and never have master go down again (sorry, Jim).

Check out the tutorial to see what else you can build!

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