Product Update: Accelerating Existing Serverless Projects

Sam Goldstein

We love helping serverless teams accelerate and manage projects and environments regardless of whether they started with Stackery or not. We've recently made improvements to importing projects and code for AWS SAM, Serverless Framework, and Gitlab. Here are the details:

Extending Stackery Capabilities to Serverless Framework

We've extended Stackery's Infrastructure as Code (IaC) visual editing and serverless environment management capabilities to Serverless Framework (serverless.yml) projects. You can now visualize serverless.yml stacks in Stackery's visual editor and quickly configure advanced cloud resources such as VPCs, GraphQL/AppSync, and Kinesis Streams. Serverless.yml apps can be deployed into AWS accounts using Stackery's environment management and deployment automation. This provides a unified experience for teams managing both serverless.yml and AWS SAM apps throughout the software development process.

CLI-Based AWS Account Management

The Stackery Role, which acts as an extension to your AWS account, can now be managed through the stackery aws setup, stackery aws unlink, stackery aws accounts and stackery aws update-role. Read more about the Stackery Role in our docs.

Private GitLab Integration

Stackery now integrates with private GitLab instances in addition to private GitHub Enterprise instances. If you're interested in connecting Stackery to your private GitLab instance just contact us.

React Single Page App Tutorial

There's a new guide which walks through the process of deploying and hosting a single-page React application using the serverless approach. Check out the React Single Page App Tutorial in our docs.

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