GitLab + Stackery = Serverless CI/CD <3

Sam Goldstein

GitLab is a git hosting solution which features a built-in CI/CD pipeline that automates the delivery process. We've seen more and more serverless development teams asking how they can integrate their GitLab with Stackery. I am happy to announce that today Stackery features full support for GitLab source code hosting and serverless CI/CD deployments.

By linking your Stackery account with GitLab you can quickly develop and deploy serverless apps. Stackery helps generate AWS SAM YAML infrastructure-as-code templates and manage their Lambda source code, integrating directly with GitLab's source code hosting. However the bigger payoff is taking full advantage of Stackery's serverless deployment automation which is intentionally simple to integrate into GitLab's CI/CD release automation. Stackery's CLI deployment tool is a cross-compiled Go binary with no external dependencies. It's just one step to download and bundle it in your repo and you then it's simple to invoke it from your GitLab project's .gitlab-ci.yml.

Here's a basic example showing how to integrate Stackery into your .gitlab-ci.yml:

stages: - test - build - deploy test: stage: test script: echo "Running tests" build: stage: build script: echo "Building the app" deploy_staging: stage: deploy script: - stackery deploy --stack-name "myStack" --env-name "staging" --git-ref "$CI_COMMIT_SHA" environment: name: staging url: only: - master

By integrating Stackery and GitLab you can take advantage of a number of interesting features to take your serverless deployment automation to the next level. For example:

  • GitLab pipeline security can be used to provide automated production change control for serverless applications.
  • GitLab's environments and deployments are straightforward to integrate with stackery deploy and can be used to orchestrate sophisticated CI/CD pipelines across multiple AWS accounts and environments.
  • Serverless Deploy from Chat is great. You know you're doing it right when you're deploying serverless SAM applications by chat. 💬🦊λ 🙌

We hope you enjoy this new GitLab integration.

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