Announcing Stackery’s AWS DevOps Competency - Professional Workflow & Tooling For Building On AWS Serverless

Farrah Campbell

As a company providing tooling to enable developers and operations teams to adopt a productive serverless workflow, Stackery is closely integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our customers are development teams who want to confidently build on AWS serverless and then manage the pipeline to production with confidence that what gets built and changed is done efficiently and well.

While it's easy to build a simple serverless application, managing the environments from dev, test, to production is much more complex. To serve the needs of teams transitioning from interested in serverless to building professionally on serverless, we're proud to announce that we've achieved the AWS DevOps Competency status. Stackery has been a committed AWS partner since our inception, and we’re excited to share how Stackery can make you more confident in your development process with AWS with accessible, easier, more maintainable workflows.

Serverless presents unique opportunities and challenges to high-performance teams

Since you can’t fit AWS on a laptop for development and managing configurations and service relationships across dev, test, staging, and production environments, the DevOps workflow needs. Meanwhile, AWS Lambda and a growing set of services offer the scale and cost advantages of AWS, while alleviating traditional headaches of maintaining and scaling the operating system and underlying infrastructure.

The AWS console is a great way to build your first serverless function. And with open source tools, you can even build some automated deploy tools. But unless you’re willing to do a great deal of programming and deploy pipeline design on your own, you need professionally maintained tools to let your team collaborate on code, coordinate deployments, and manage changes across multiple environments.

Stackery’s AWS DevOps Competency shows how well integrated our deployment and application management tools are with AWS’s products and services.

Stackery Serverless Canvas

Stackery lets you design your application as something much greater than the sum of its parts. Serverless functions (AWS Lambdas) need gateways to communicate with the outside world, and databases and storage to store user information. Stackery lets you create your app with all the resources you need in a single canvas, deploy the same application to different AWS regions, and move between multiple AWS accounts.

The resource configurations you create with Stackery won’t lock you into the Stackery environment. Rather, the canvas produces portable Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates consumed directly by AWS CloudFormation.

Stackery has worked to improve the day-to-day developer experience, and last month we added VS Code integration that lets you connect locally running AWS Lambda code to resources in the cloud. This shortens the “development loop,” the time between writing code and seeing it work, down to a few seconds.

It’s no surprise that when people first see the Stackery Operations Console, they assume it’s just a tool for diagramming AWS stacks. Connecting a Lambda to DynamoDB involves half a dozen menus on the AWS console, but Stackery makes it as easy as drawing a line. - Benefit Cosmetics

Why the significance?

A tool so integral to your development and operations processes should be backed by a team with AWS DevOps Competency, so Stackery began pursuing this certification right after our product launched in 2016.

This designation underscores Stackery’s unique deployment tools that enable customers to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices. Stackery’s AWS DevOps Competency status also sheds light on our utility for teams that need to share and develop serverless applications with configuration management tools on AWS.

How did we earn this?

To achieve this certification, APN Partners must show AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS. Stackery was built to help customers adopt serverless methodologies and best practices to build, run and secure their AWS applications— we remain perennially committed to this mission going forward.

AWS services are designed to simplify the provisioning and management of customers’ infrastructure and applications. AWS also streamlines code deployment, and automates the software release process. To achieve our DevOps competency, we had to document multiple success stories where Stackery was a key part of an improved AWS workflow.

Stackery is the missing element in serverless development with AWS; it speeds up the development process and helps us visualize relationships between different resources accessibly as our team’s knowledge of serverless expands. - Vydia

We also had to show how we offered unique solutions for AWS users. Stackery users can develop and test serverless AWS code quickly, without needing to wait for deployments to AWS Lambda to see changes. Our configuration-management also help teams deploy the same functions in staging, test, and production environments.

Individuals on the Stackery team also needed to complete their AWS certifications to show that we had deep knowledge of the AWS environment. If you’re interested in exploring this path yourself, Toby our community developer has written how she prepped for the first exam in the series.

What is the AWS Competency Program?

To support scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises, AWS created the AWS Competency Program to help customers find Technology APN Partners with meaningful experience and specialized expertise.

Stackery is proud to join the AWS Partner Competency Program and be recognized as a qualified tool that integrates with and extends AWS services and management to meet unique user goals.

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