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A re:Invent for Everyone

What I'm looking forward to this year at re:Invent
2 min

Re:Invent this year is… a little different. Last year was a big one for me and for Stackery (my first year as an AWS Serverless Hero!), but this year I’m looking forward re:Invent to more than any other.


Exciting Serverless Wins Part II

Data, automation, and compliance
7 min

Symetra built a self-service solution that allows teams to migrate applications from data centers to the AWS Control Tower multi-account environment using CloudEndure, infrastructure resources from AWS Service Catalog, and secure third-party solutions from AWS Marketplace.


re:Invent 2020 week 1: The Year of Serverless

LEGO, BMW, Liberty Mutual, and Equinox all talk Serverless Success
6 min

The first keynote is over, the talks have started, and the AWS Heroes all got to feel motion-sick but appreciated in their AWS-supplied VR helmets. Throughout the keynote it was clear that serverless is here to stay. One detail stood out to me above all others: **Nearly half of all new compute workloads in Amazon in 2020 were Lambda based.**


Exciting Serverless Wins with Agility and Scale

re:Invent 2020 Week 2
2 min

This year re:Invent is a marathon rather than a sprint, and all of us are working hard to maintain enthusiasm over three weeks. The good news is there’s lots of great material in the talks this week, and I’d like to go over some of my favorites. Building revolutionary applications the Serverless way Ajay Nair, director of AWS Lambda, guided us through how in 2020 Lambda has continuously enabled new use cases and workload  patterns while improving performance, portability, cost efficiency, and usability. Or as I call it the Serverless Revolution.


Highlights from the final week of re:Invent

Serverless Success for teams across the globe
4 min

The three weeks of re:invent are finally drawing to a close and it’s been a whirlwind of announcements and recaps of the most unusual year of the century. The major takeaway for me, above all the industry news, is that the work didn’t stop. Innovation continued at full speed despite all our lives being disrupted. From the talks this week it’s clear that serverless is growing at massive speed this year.

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