This Week's Top Five Serverless Tweets

Nica Fee

I'd like to take a moment to point out some of my favorite things that have come across my Twitter timeline in the last week, if you'd like to see more follow Stackery on twitter!

Not a week goes by that Yan Cui doesn't have some insight for us all

It's so important to emphasize how esoteric AWS can be — even at the entry level of knowing WHAT it is.

Great insights here from Tim Wagner, a trailblazer in serverless and a member of Stackery's board:

This whole thread is awesome, but Tom's comment is particularly endearing. It's also a great reminder of Farrah Campbell's advice to people interested in joining tech: join a community early to advance faster, have more of an impact, and be a part of quality inside jokes.

And finally this warm and fuzzy post from Ryan, who joins Stackery this week:

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