Stackery Professional Serverless Tooling Now Available on the AWS Marketplace

Abner Germanow

Stackery is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace! This is great news for development teams excited by the prospect of building and modernizing applications using AWS Lambda, DyanmoDB, Kinesis, API Gateway, Fargate, and the rest of the growing menu of serverless capabilities. AWS teams can start their serverless journeys with prescriptive and flexible tooling that extends AWS tools and services with less friction in the purchasing process.

Extending AWS capabilities for developer happiness.

AWS provides huge benefits by removing infrastructure operations from scaling serverless applications, but the serverless developer experience for production-grade applications has been sub-par. As software teams scale, serverless can pose serious challenges to application and configuration management. The foundational shift from server-centric applications to service-centric serverless applications requires a new set of tooling to help the next wave of serverless team succeed.

At Stackery, our tools extend core AWS serverless services and tools such as AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), the SAM CLI, AWS Codebuild, and others to create a developer experience so teams can focus on application architectures, business logic, and version control.

What does “Professional Serverless Tooling” really mean?

Professional serverless tooling provides prescriptive and flexible paths for developers to architect an application, deploy that architecture to a dev environment, develop the app, and then deploy to their development, testing, or production environment.

At a high level, Stackery enables teams to take advantage of local building, consistent deployment, and the professional management of serverless applications while focusing on delivering business value to their users. With Stackery, serverless developers can:

  • Architect & Build - While we prefer the Stackery visual editor, there a growing number of ways to get started with serverless apps including AWS Amplify, AWS CDK, and a variety of open-source frameworks and projects.
  • Debug any Lambda function - The Stackery CLI extends the AWS SAM CLI to let you run and debug any Lambda function, in the runtime environment against the live cloud resources like databases and S3 with the permissions of the cloudstack.
  • Deploy with Consistency - Stackery applications (“stacks”) include deployment prescriptions and a centralized AWS Codebuild process in your account that can be adapted to the needs of your team and existing CI/CD tools and processes.
  • Manage Environments - Stackery collects environment variables and config into ‘environments’ and lets you launch your apps in multiple environments just like you’re used to with self-hosted applications

Serverless apps should be as easy to manage as they are to build

Basic serverless applications are notoriously fast to build and deploy. However, scaling the complexity of an application and managing dev, test, and production environments can often look more like science projects than the rigor required of a business-critical application.

In recent conversations we had with several Stackery customers, the business impact of using Stackery to manage AWS serverless applications often surfaces as a key business facilitator.

“The main initial draw to using Stackery was how its visualization helped us to reason about serverless architectures. However, as time has progressed, Stackery's environment management has had the most impact our business. Provisioning infrastructure by the automation of configuration as code, has allowed us to leverage a more diverse array of AWS cloud products. The time typically spent managing DevOps related duties, is now devoted primarily to furthering our product roadmap.” - Software Developer at a digital media group

In a world where software velocity determines who wins, getting going quickly is nice, but success is determined by how easily and quickly you can make changes along the way.

Try it for yourself

Check us out on the AWS Marketplace today to go forth and build with the confidence of AWS & Stackery behind you.

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