Stackery Announces Support for AWS HTTP APIs service

Chase Douglas

Stackery is pleased to announce its addition of support for the new AWS HTTP APIs service which is being introduced today alongside the existing API Gateway tooling.

Our addition of such support, in parallel with the GA announcement of HTTP APIs, is an example of how we partner with AWS to accelerate serverless application development and delivery for customers.

Stackery enables AWS customers to take advantage of the improvements of API Gateway HTTP APIs vs existing Api Gateway REST APIs:

  • Cost savings up to 70%
  • Significant reduction in latency
  • Easier integration with Open ID and JWT token providers

We believe that the HTTP API is a great example of a critical serverless resource that can be leveraged as companies are looking to modernize their legacy applications. Such services help enable the process of developing software with a microservices approach, without having to refactor all architecture concurrently.

In fact, Stackery encourages development teams to decompose legacy applications into a number of new components. Each component, often used in conjunction with standard AWS services, helps enable an incremental approach to the overall modernization process.

Stackery is a long-standing AWS serverless partner that has taken on the mission of educating and guiding customers through the modernization process step-by-step. We have continuously enhanced the serverless tools platform to provide the features, functions, and optimizations necessary to enable our customer base to better leverage AWS in service of their business goals.

We demonstrate business success across many customer case studies but like to cite the example of telecom quoting company, MasterStream, who charted a reliable course through this process and reduced their costs by 90% as they modernized using a serverless architecture. A current case study is available and the full story will be the topic of a future AWS webinar.

The full Stackery platform, including HTTP API support, is immediately available in our Free, Team, Pro and Enterprise plans -- all of which enable a seamless and secure serverless workflow across development, delivery and application management.

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