Deploy GraphQL APIs with Stackery

Sam Goldstein

It's been a busy month in Stackery engineering. Here's a quick recap of what's new in the product this week.

You can now use Stackery to configure and provision AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs, which is a serverless pay-per-invocation service similar to API Gateway, but for GraphQL! GraphQL resolvers can be connected to backend data sources like DynamoDB tables, Lambda functions, or HTTP proxies. You can read more about the using Stackery with GraphQL in the Stackery docs.

Trigger Lambda Function on Deploy

Does your deployment processes involve multiple commands that need to be run in a certain order? Stackery now provides the ability to mark any function as "Trigger on First Deploy" or "Trigger on Every Deploy", which provides a clean mechanism to handle database migration, ship single page apps, and handle custom deploy logic across all your environments. To make this work Stackery sets up a CloudFormation Custom Resource in your project's SAM template which is used to invoke the function when the stack is deployed. Read more in the Stackery Function Docs.

Reference Existing Cloud Resources

Teams are often deploying serverless stacks into existing cloud infrastructures. What happens when your Function needs to subscribe to an existing DynamoDB stream or be placed in an existing VPC? Stackery provides the ability to replace resources in a stack with a pointer to an already provisioned resource. This can be specified per environment which enables you to provision mock resources in dev/test environments but reference central infrastructure in production. Check out the "Use Existing" flag on resources like DynamoDb Tables or Virtual Networks

GitHub and GitLab bulk project import

No one wants to set up a bunch of AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) projects with Stackery one by one so we built a 1 click importer which locates all your projects with a valid SAM template file (template.yaml) and sets them up to deploy and edit with Stackery. It works for both GitHub and GitLab and you can find it on the Stackery Dashboard homepage at

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