Seven Serverless Champions You Should Start Following Today

The best of serverless Twitter

Gracie Gregory

A note from Gracie: This post has been updated to give due recognition to a certain serverless champion who was helpful in creating this list and is well-worth a follow in her own right! Read on for our seventh serverless champion you should know!

There are so many early serverless adopters and pioneers who many of us in the community know well: AWS heroes, in-demand speakers, and celebrated community organizers with thousands of followers, popular Twitch channels, and full speaking dockets. It's a fantastic idea to follow these folks because they are known for a reason.We cover them regularly at Stackery!

But, as in any community, there are also MANY serverless users, enthusiasts, and quiet champions who deserve recognition as well. As we've written about before, serverless at its core is about delivering real business value with modern software and distributing computing power down to the customer. This core tenet makes humility a top value in the serverless community, which amplifies the "quiet champion" phenomenon in our realm, specifically.

Since humble figures aren't the first to seek a huge organic following or "influencer" status, it's up to others to celebrate them. To that end, I wanted to highlight six people who are key parts of the serverless community who aren't particularly widely followed but perhaps should be!

Tom McLaughlin

Tom is a tireless participant and booster of the serverless mindset and supporter of new developers in serverless.

Praneeta Prakash

One of the developers on AWS SAM, Praneeta posts thoughtful updates on the product, engages with the community, and fun nerdy projects in about equal measure.

James Hood

James is another developer on AWS SAM, and his twitter feed is mainly insights into how teams within AWS are thinking about their products. It's extremely useful to understand how the dev teams are imagining their products will be used, and how they plan to grow!

Brett Andrews

Brett has recently departed AWS (oh the pains of picking a Twitter Username to mesh with your current job!) and continues to write really great posts on developer culture

Danielle Heberling

Danielle is a great co-worker at Stackery and an incredibly dynamic member of the serverless community. A recent winner of the AWS Hackathon here in Portland, her twitter combines tech snark, community building, and cool nerdy projects. I respect Danielle for the degree to which she has recognized other members of the tech community throughout all stages of her career. She is a great mentor to seek out, even if it's via a simple follow on social!

Beth North

Beth writes evocatively about vulnerability and the feelings associated with tech. She gave a great talk at Serverlessdays Cardiff and is definitely worth a follow.

Nica Fee

Last but not least, Nica Fee is a longstanding serverless champion that you should follow immediately if you’re not already doing so. Not only did she help put this list together, but she’s been been an advocate of Stackery and a serverless enthusiast since early days. She’s now a developer advocate at New Relic where she focuses on serverless. Lucky them!

Her feed is full of tips for beginning-advanced developers, helpful input and suggestions for our growing community, and general hilarity. She’s also a prolific long form writer for publications like The New Stack — and yes, the Stackery blog! She also makes a practice out of spotlighting folks in the serverless community who might not be the most well known, but deserve applause.

Head over to these champions' Twitter feeds today to get the true inside scoop on what's going on (and coming up!) in serverless and -- and give them a follow if you feel so inclined. Selfishly, you'll get to say that you followed them when they were cult before classic!

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