Highlights of Serverlessdays Cardiff

Farrah Campbell

From meeting one of our first customers to hearing bright speakers from around the world, ServerlessDays Cardiff was an inspiring, awesome event!

Here are some of my favorite moments from the serverless community conference in Wales.

How Serverless Can Fail

Sara Gerion, a backend software engineer at DAZN, talked about “Failure Modes in AWS Serverless”. Clearly, serverless solves a lot of possible failures with self-hosted or virtual machine servers -- but there are failure modes that are unique to serverless. Some of these involve the restrictions AWS puts on Lambda executions, but she also pointed out a phone-book-length page on the DynamoDB docs covering ‘error handling’

To handle these unique failures, it’s critical to test on your entire stack, since failures really look different when they’re happening between two AWS services. Really great to hear about the serverless realities from someone who’s been in the trenches!

Overcoming Serverless Impostor Syndrome

I really appreciated Beth North telling her story and all the vulnerability she showed telling her vulnerability in learning to say no and not expecting yourself to be perfect the first time you try something. Her twitter is a great resource for the real-world issues that women in development see.

I daresay all women in tech have had these feelings and it’s so critical to share them!

Bootstrapping with Serverless

Siobhan Stephens, a software engineer at Mobilise and digital apprentice, gave her first talk at Serverlessdays Cardiff. Showing how an ambitious project (a new matchmaking service for renters) could go from an idea to production so much faster using serverless was really inspiring. With such a great talk, Siobhan’s showed how far she personally has come with the serverless platform.

Other Talks I loved

  • Never a dull moment in a talk by Danilo - he’s always a fabulous speaker. He spoke about the future of Serverless and the new potential things that can be made with the platform.
  • If you want to hear the latest in serverless, Jeremy Daly remains an invaluable resource. His talk covered non-serverless tools for service stability.
  • Yan Cui remains the trailblazer in bringing serverless to the masses. His talks and courses might be single-handedly responsible for the grown of serverless this year. His talk covered refactoring a monolith app with serverless.
  • David Carboni changed up the pace - no slides and the talk was engaging! He showed how to use Lambda and AWS Fargate for a government project.
  • It’s been said before but there’s something so perfect about LEGO adopting serverless. Sheen Brisals gave a great talk on the subject. It’s amazing to see serverless enabling play!
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