Gain Serverless Confidence with Stackery at Serverlessconf NYC!

Abner Germanow

ServerlessConf is almost upon us! Autumn in the Big Apple with a ton of serverless enthusiasts? Sign us up. Oh, we already are? Cool.

If you have tickets to attend ServerlessConf, then you're already pumped to hear about the creativity and focus serverless architecture unlocks for the presenters and attendees alike! We can't wait to hear from those presenters, including Stackery team members and Stackery users!

Here's where you'll find Stackery on the agenda (and why you should care!):

Leveling Up in Serverless

Speakers: Farrah Campbell, Ecosystems Director @ Stackery & Danielle Heberling, Software Engineer @ Stackery

Farrah and Danielle, (who both recently acquired their AWS certs) will share their motivations for learning serverless, their personal experiences working in the ecosystem, the surprising ways that these new skills have benefited their careers, and why they believe that serverless can be for anyone and everyone who’s willing to learn.

From ColdFusion To GraphQL: Rapidly Refactoring A Legacy Application

Speaker: Tory Adams, Fullstack Engineer @ Sightbox

With AWS AppSync, Lambda, Aurora Serverless, and many other serverless services and tooling provided by Stackery, Sightbox learned how to rapidly refactor our application into a modern, efficient GraphQL service. Discover Sightbox refactored their legacy database to use something more modern (DynamoDB and Serverless Aurora) and why GraphQL was an easy way for them to straddle multiple databases using the strangler pattern.

Running a Serverless Insurance Company

Speaker: Joseph Emison, Co-Founder & CTO @ Branch

Branch is a company that sells its own home, auto, umbrella, and renter's insurance products, and runs on a completely serverless infrastructure. This talk walks through Branch's architecture (managed with Stackery!), how Branch has remained compliant with regulatory and security requirements, the benefits Branch has seen from being serverless, and overall lessons learned along the way.

Want to find time for a personal Stackery demo at Serverlessconf? Get in touch today at!

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