The Journey to Serverless: How Did We Get Here? [Infographic]

Gracie Gregory

It’s the beginning of a new year and when it comes to computing, going serverless is the resolution of many engineering teams. At Stackery, this excites us because we know how significant the positive impacts of serverless are and will be. So much, in fact, that we’re already thinking about its applications for next year and beyond.

But while Stackery is toasting to serverless just as much as the headlines are, it’s crucial at this juncture to ensure that there is a wider foundational understanding. Our team is thrilled that so many others are anxious to rethink how they approach computing, save money with a pay-per-use model, and build without limits using serverless. However, we’re also proponents of knowing your serverless strategy inside and out, thereby having an airtight business use-case that anyone on the team can explain. After all, serverless didn’t rise to the top of Gartner’s top 10 infrastructure and operations trends overnight; its (figurative) source code was being drafted decades ago and this is why it’s much more than a trend. Just as we learned in history class, what’s past is prologue; the developments of yesteryear are the stage directions for today’s innovation. In other words, understanding the origins of serverless will give you a competitive advantage.

So, how exactly did we get to the edge of widespread serverless adoption? What historical developments make all of this more than a temporary buzzword? Why have the conversations about serverless been growing among your peers and leadership team, not dying down? To answer these questions, let’s interrupt our regularly-scheduled New Year celebrations with a trip back in time to 1995...

At Stackery, we’re helping engineering teams build amazing serverless applications with limitless scalability. The best part? The stage for the next decade of software development is being set now. Join us in shaping serverless computing for the next generation. Get started with Stackery today.

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