Introducing S3 Bucket Support

Chase Douglas

Stackery now supports Object Stores! On Amazon AWS, Object Stores map to S3 buckets. Support for Object Stores was the most frequently requested feature for Stackery, so we're excited to make it available to customers. There are many serverless use cases that involve object stores. One common use case is a workflow where file uploads to an object store trigger processing jobs. Imagine a video file is uploaded to a bucket, which then triggers a serverless function that fires up a Docker service to transcode the file into alternative formats. Another use case is a design competition that receives application uploads then uses functions to generate rendered images of submissions.

As always, Stackery makes it super easy to provision and integrate resources. Our serverless Function APIs make it easy to retrieve, save, copy, and delete objects in Object Stores.

Got a project you've been itching to build around processing of files? Give our Object Store integration a try today!

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