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There’s something about knowing that we’re at the beginning of a new decade that really cements in just how far we’ve come with serverless computing.

To that end, we’ve compiled a new publication that maps out many of the milestones in cloud computing from 1995 to today and surfaces the outdated beliefs and concerns surrounding serverless computing that we can (thankfully) leave behind this year. It’s a valuable resource for any team of engineers actively using serverless architecture or the managers considering its value.

In this guide:

  • A map of the path to widespread serverless adoption
  • An in-context glimpse into our History of Serverless infographic, which charts cloud computing progress over the past 25 years
  • A case for delivering real business value with secure serverless architecture
  • A complimentary offer of an interactive session for your team

>> Download “The Road to Serverless Ubiquity” guide and companion infographic today

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