Building a Single-Page App With Stackery & React

Jun Fritz

After completing this tutorial, you'll have a serverless SPA built using Stackery and React. Stackery will be used to configure, deploy, and host our application which will be built using the React library.

The newest tutorial on our documentation site guides you through the process of building a Serverless Single-Page App using Stackery and React.

You'll be using Stackery to set up the cloud resources needed to deploy, host, and distribute your single-page application. You'll configure a Lambda function, an S3 Bucket, and a CloudFront CDN in this tutorial with the goal of keeping this application within AWS Free Tier limits.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a fully-scalable backend and an organized React front-end to add to, and grow your application. Watch part one of the tutorial below to see what we're building, or follow along with the plain-text version here.

Stay tuned for more serverless tutorials from Stackery!

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