A podcast we like — Bringing Traditional Tooling Services to Serverless

Gracie Gregory

Stackery gets an honorable mention this week on a Quantlayer podcast. The topic addressed is tooling for Serverless. The content covers multiple players in this space, and some aspects of the value they bring to the serverless environment:

  • Helping ensure the appropriate security configuration
  • Coordinating application deployments
  • Monitoring of application operation and identifying trouble spots

We are pleased to see Stackery come up as an effective solution in a few different contexts, and it’s nice to hear how impressive the value of the toolset seems to a new user.

During a discussion of Chalice (a python micro-framework for serverless deployment), there’s a great insight to all serverless tooling frameworks:

“Fundamentally, serverless is half infrastructure...”

And highlighting the Stackery approach to addressing this:

“Basically by drawing a cloud diagram of like your functions and API gateway and resources, Stackery actually outputs the YAML. That is cool!”

Check out the episode and hear a great tour of the serverless tooling space.

Curious about Stackery and its capabilities?

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