Introducing New Team Plan

New pricing structure built for teams

Ryan Coleman

Today, we introduced a new plan for teams who want to organize their Stackery growth with seats instead of stacks. The “Team Plan” is $50/month for 3 seats and $100/month for each additional seat.


Serverless architectures on AWS present an amazing set of possibilities to build applications quickly. As teams become familiar with serverless development and harness the power of AWS managed services, the number of Stackery stacks begin to multiply - especially as teams adopt CI/CD practices. Every customer application has several stacks per developer per environment (see example below).

We want to meet our customers where they're growing, as developers adopting serverless. Our pricing change is intended to enable them to get the most from AWS services without concern for Stackery costs once they grow their team. And even then, it averages out to the typical cost per user.

It also is just simpler math for our users. 

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  • Team of 3 developers
  • 2 projects (e.g. ‘stacks’) 
  • 6 environments (Production, Staging, Test, plus one for each developer)

Professional Plan


Team Plan 

$50 for 3 users

2 projects x 6 environments = 12 stacks

Total cost: $120/month

Total cost: $50/month

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