Deployment Pipeline Launch

Turn-key deployment of your serverless stacks

Ryan Coleman

Deployment Pipeline Launches

Deploying a stack into AWS is at the core of what Stackery helps you do. So much so that Stackery users deployed over 10,000 times last month! For the most part, this has been a manually executed process in our Web UI or command-line client. As teams grow and take on more work, fast and consistent deployments are key to scaling effectively.

That’s why we’ve been working this year on continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) features, tailor-built for serverless applications. It’s available right now in every Stackery account. Set it up in the new Deployments UI.

Deployment Pipeline Launch.png
Our aim is to save you from duct-taping commodity CI/CD solutions into serverless by providing a truly turn-key pipeline that knows about your serverless infrastructure and executes the tests you ship alongside your infrastructure template.

Stackery now includes:

  • Automatic ephemeral stacks managed as part of the Git peer-review process
  • Additional ephemeral stacks managed for your provided test suite e.g. npm test
  • Execution of tests & open-source vulnerability checks within your own CodeBuild infrastructure, with stack metadata provided to the build environment
  • Automatic or manual promotion of changes after merge / on commit through several Stackery environments

We built all this to save you time, help you accelerate development within your team, and just worry about fewer things.

We’re not done though! We’d like to hear how you’re handling deployments so that we can better support you with Stackery.

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