On-Demand Webinar — Modernizing Monolithic Apps with AWS & Stackery

Chase Douglas

A few weeks ago, Stackery had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with leaders from AWS and MasterStream ERP, a telecom-quoting company that has quite the architectural modernization story to tell due to their adoption of serverless with Stackery.

Our very own Farrah Campbell (Ecosystems Director) sat down for a fireside chat with Santiago Cardenas (Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS Partner Network) and Matthew Witt (VP of Engineering, Masterstream ERP) to discuss this story of valuable, and real digital transformation with serverless — and the invaluable role of AWS and Stackery throughout this process.


You can now listen to the webinar and reap the serverless modernization insights from these technical leaders on-demand, whenever it’s convenient for you.


>> Listen to “From Monolithic to Modern: MasterStream’s Serverless Transformation with Stackery” on-demand


What you’ll learn


The real value-prop of serverless


Santiago kicked off the webinar by setting the context for serverless and why teams should prioritize its implementation. He did this by describing the Innovation Flywheel and how it contributes to better software development, and thus, better applications.


“Serverless can help drive and power that innovation flywheel.” said Santiago in the beginning of the broadcast. “When we say serverless, we are talking about the removal of undifferentiated heavy-lifting of server operations. This distinction allows customers to focus on the building of applications, rather than the management and scaling of the infrastructure.”




With this context on the core value of serverless for modern-thinking software teams, Santiago tackled a number of more detailed value-propositions for serverless modernization. From the facets to consider when exploring this approach to the “Strangler Pattern” of development, Santiago set the other speakers up for a rich discussion of MasterStream’s own serverless story.


Refactoring and rearchitecting the monolith


Farrah provided an overview of Stackery’s secure serverless platform, which allows software teams to design, develop, and deliver modern applications with speed and in adherence to the best practices of AWS at the helm.  She described a number of our most relevant features in the context of teams looking to modernize their infrastructure: a visual canvas that allows engineers to visualize the relationships between AWS services that are new to them when refactoring an application, sandboxed audit environments that keep security prioritized and turn-key throughout, our newly-expanded secure delivery capabilities for CI/CD, etc.




A preview of Stackery’s visual editing capabilities


MasterStream’s modernization context


Telecom quoting is often cited as incredibly complex in terms of product and service integrations — MasterStream’s thoroughly modern approach includes process automation across all products and services in a matter of seconds. Their engineering team is, thus, a forward-thinking one and needed an infrastructure to match. This desire for digital transformation and migration away from clunky monolithic structures set the stage for serverless adoption.


After landing on AWS as their serverless cloud provider due to their ever-expanding library of granular services, team MasterStream began to have an idea of what their serverless applications should look like, but they needed in-depth knowledge of the AWS and serverless ecosystem and support for their engineers to make migration dreams a reality. Enter Stackery.


The story and fireside chat that rounds out these individual stories from AWS, Stackery, and MasterStream well worth a listen. You’ll hear Santiago, Farrah, and Matthew inquire about one another’s team philosophies surrounding serverless development, AWS best practices, and the core tenets of architectural modernization. So grab a cup of  something warm and settle in for this virtual serverless fireside chat from AWS, Stackery, and MasterStream ERP (AND discover a special offer from Stackery at the end!)


>> Listen to the webinar at your convenience!

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