Two Stackery Superstars Named AWS Serverless Heroes

Tim Zonca

It’s been a great couple of months at Stackery. Since coming on as CEO earlier this year, I’ve been impressed with how much our team gets done and their contributions to making the serverless development experience easier and more reliable.

I want to take a moment to recognize two of our amazing Stackerinos who were recognized by AWS recently with the AWS Serverless Hero distinction.

Farrah Campbell

Farrah has been traveling all over the globe bringing a message of the new serverless mindset to developers eager to learn what the tools can do for them. She was recognized this month as an AWS Serverless Hero for her tireless and enthusiastic work developing this community over the past few years.

It really is amazing how much she’s done recently. She’s given talks about her efforts within the serverless and women in tech communities, and how these overlapping communities have shaped her life and career. She is the organizer of the Portland Serverless Days (Portland’s Serverless Meetup,) and visits users and enthusiasts around the world to share her inspiring serverless journey and make meaningful connections. She has also been featured as a Serverless Superhero by A Cloud Guru.

“Being newer in the industry, I have seen firsthand how serverless can empower someone like me to build production-ready tools out of a few building blocks. It is a message that really resonates with people. I’m so happy to be recognized as an AWS Serverless Hero and continue working with this fantastic growing community.”

Farrah Campbell, Ecosystem Director, Stackery

## Chase Douglas

Chase has been working miracles at Stackery since its inception. He co-founded the company and was one of the first people to see the opportunity of a serverless workflow tool. Recently, he illuminated attendees of the Chicago and New York AWS Summits with his serverless development-to-production pipeline talk and wrote about how to keep the security and scalability of serverless apps problem-free with AWS Secrets Manager on the AWS Partner Network blog. One of Chase’s central messages for modern developers is that confidence often matters more than ability — in fact, he helped design Stackery with this very concept top-of-mind.

“Being recognized as an AWS Serverless Hero validates the work we all do at Stackery. While the team has been making great serverless development tools for some time, we have also been working hard to deepen the community’s understanding of serverless. Transitioning to serverless is not about replicating your exact architecture onto a new platform, it requires a shift in thinking and AWS understands this.”

Chase Douglas, CTO, Co-Founder, Stackery

Come meet these heroes (and others!) in person

If you’d like to see why these two deserve the AWS Serverless Hero title, come meet them both at re:Invent! Farrah will be giving a talk with another amazing team member (Stackery Software Engineer, Danielle Heberling) on Tuesday December 5th in the Dev Lounge.

To meet with Chase, you might be able to catch him at the Stackery Booth, but schedule a meeting with us to make sure to get all your questions answered on building a faster and more streamlined serverless workflow with confidence! The whole Stackery team is excited to meet you.

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