AWS ReInvent: Serverless, Stackery, and Corey Quinn of LastWeekInAWS

Abner Germanow

Welcome savvy builder. If you’ve made it to our corner of the Internet and headed to re:invent, you are in the right place.

We want you to leave Las Vegas with the savvy to choose how and when to apply the growing menu of serverless capabilities to your initiatives. To help you, we’re sending our serverless-first engineers to Las Vegas with three goals.

  1. Share experiences building AWS serverless apps
  2. Show app builders how Stackery + AWS serverless offerings accelerate velocity and confidence
  3. Connect the AWS serverless community

Sharing Our Serverless Experience

As we build our serverless-first service for teams, we examine the developer and operations experience to make the experience faster and safer for our customers. We've learned a few things along the way about what makes serverless awesome, when to insert container services into the mix, and how workflows differ from services we've built in the past.

At our booth we'll be holding demonstrations walking through what we've learned and where we find developers and teams working differently. Keep an eye on twitter for exact timing.

Booth Talks Include:

  • ICYMI: Corey Quinn From Last Week In AWS (Thurs @ 2:15)
  • PSA: Permission Scoping Accounts, Services, and Humans
  • Namespacing for fun and dev/test/prod environments
  • A look at the new AWS [REDACTED]
  • Where and when we use containers in our serverless-first apps
  • Using existing resources with serverless applications
  • How to build state machines around serverless apps
  • Instrumentation and monitoring serverless apps with Stackery and Epsagon
  • Testing serverless apps
  • Secrets Manager vs Parameter Store
  • Lambda@Edge vs Lambda What You Should Know
  • Systems Manager Parameter Store

Show off Stackery’s Serverless Acceleration Software

If you are new to Stackery or an old pro, a lot has changed just in the last month!

“We don’t need a whiteboard, I’ll mock it up in Stackery.” -Customer using Stackery to break a monolith into microservices.

We’ve made it even easier to visually mock up the architectural intent of your app with a new template to visual architecture toggle editor that you can take straight to packaging and deployment. GraphQL, the ability to import projects in SAM or frameworks, Lambda@Edge, and much more.

Drop by to see the latest, or better yet, sign up for a slot and we’ll make sure our engineers are dedicated to you.

Corey Quinn of Last Week In AWS and Connecting the Community

AWS moves fast. Almost as fast as serverless-first teams. On Thursday at 2:15, Corey Quinn of the Last Week In AWS Newsletter will be at our booth for an exclusive ICYMI to review announcements you probably missed. You can get his snark-a-take (I just made that up) on the keynotes, serverless, and more.

Our invite only serverless insiders party is designed to connect the pioneers with those who are ramping up in 2019. If you are interested in an invite drop us a note.

Finally, like all serverless teams, we abhor repeating writing, so for a guide to serverless sessions, check out these guides:

See you in Vegas!

How to find us at ReInvent: Booth: #2032 - We're about 40 feet from the dev lounge in the Sands/Venetian Hall B. Contact our team:

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