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Lambda API extensions now include monitoring partners

Farrah Campbell

We are excited to announce a new integration to help developers add partner solutions to their serverless applications. AWS recently released Lambda Extensions to allow Lambda to augment the Function invocation lifecycle.

Extensions from AWS, AWS Lambda Ready partners, and open source projects are useful for a wide range of use cases. For example, Extensions simplify a development workflow by automatically instrumenting Lambda functions or deploying operational tools without needing code changes. Extensions also improve performance of your functions by pre-fetching configuration and secrets before the function handler is executed, or send telemetry to a custom destination outside of the function invocation.

Stackery, in support of this new functionality, upgrade our existing integration with Epsagon, and added new integrations with New Relic, Lumigo, and Thundra to automate the implementation of monitoring best practices and ensure every function deployed through Stackery is instrumented with the chosen provider. Check out our docs for more info.

AWS Lambda Extensions API

Extensions are a new way for tools to more easily integrate deeply into the Lambda execution environment to control and participate in Lambda’s lifecycle. They use the Extensions API, a new HTTP interface, to register for lifecycle events and get greater control during function initialization, invocation, and shutdown. They can also use environment variables to add options and tools to the runtime, or use wrapper scripts to customize the runtime startup behavior.

In particular, Extensions can be used to simplify the routing of data to reduce telemetry latency and costs.

Old Pattern

Extensions Drawing.svg

  • Data sent to CloudWatch to log metrics Data was delayed due to routing
  • Pay per metric
  • Cumbersome process for connecting with individual monitor providers

New Pattern

Extensions Drawing (1).svg

  • Data sent directly to monitoring partners Higher quality of metrics
  • Faster time-to-data
  • More complete picture
  • Lower TCO

However, there is one additional step in this workflow: every Lambda Function needs to include the extension — enter Stackery.

Stackery’s integration with extension partners ensures consistency and automates configuration of all your Lambda Functions. Instead of having to remember to add extensions to every function Stackery does it for you. And even more than that, Stackery will always deploy your functions with the latest version of your monitoring provider’s extension.

As the Ecosystem Director, I am always looking for ways to work with partners to help our customers. With the new extension, Stackery customers like Masterstream easily integrate with all of their monitoring solutions, ensuring all of their functions are properly set up for the monitoring they need to keep critical apps performing.

"Stackery and Epsagon make it so easy to see the complete picture of our serverless operations. Epsagon’s real time monitoring help us identify issues and quickly respond.
And with Stackery, we never have to worry about implementation of best practices or the latest versions. My team of engineers can focus on building and fixing our application and not worry about repeating the same set of tasks every time."

Matthew Witt, VP of Engineering

At Stackery, we simply love to make serverless development easier and more scalable for developers and organizations. We add value by automating the implementation of monitoring best practices into every Lambda function to save developers a little time and improve the quality of the integration. Integrating with AWS and monitoring partners is core to our goal of simplifying serverless to make happier developers.

Curious to learn more? Schedule a demo with our CTO and co-founder.

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