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Stackery empowers enterprise development teams to deliver Well-Architected serverless applications quickly, securely, and at scale— without the overhead of complex infrastructure and operations management.


Stackery dramatically improves software team efficiency and serverless confidence by reducing infrastructure overhead and providing broad support for AWS’ Well-Architected Framework. Accelerate overall development of serverless applications by up to 60x - so your team can focus on perfecting core business logic.


Stackery enables teams to systematically and securely deliver applications by addressing key aspects of the operations and infrastructure management required. Effectively scale your application delivery as you add teammates, applications, and environments to your CI/CD pipeline.


In production, Stackery helps visualize and optimize serverless system operation, with one-click access to X-Ray traces, Cloudwatch metrics, and logs curated for each component. The overall tool workflow helps your team enforce consistent monitoring policies and instrumentation links with AWS tools and partner monitoring services.

The Stackery CLI enables you to build out your application architecture, deploy, invoke, and manage quickly and securely. The Stackery visualization tooling using the VS Code IDE helps your team better understand the relationships between different AWS resources to bridge the gaps between elements of your architecture. 
Link to AWS to start building production-grade serverless applications! Stackery helps you keep everything properly deployed and your environments namespaced and organized.
Deploying a stack gives you a set of resources to develop your functions against.

Stackery permissions equip your dev stack, production-packaged app, or anything in between with the correct environment parameters and secrets.
The next benefit you’ll find with Stackery is a dramatically improved serverless workflow, complete with focus and happiness, and speed. To achieve this, your development environment should be consistent to enable quick application iteration.

With your existing IDE, your preferred Stackery visualization method, and the AWS SAM Local CLI, you can iterate function code 60x faster -- and all via your laptop against the llive cloud resources you deployed.
Now that you have functions written and your architecture deployed, it’s time to make changes to the resources in your architecture.

Either ship your newly-developed function code into your cloudside environment OR promote your stack in a test, staging, or production environment.

Stackery organizes everything for you so your team can rollback, collaborate, use existing CI/CD systems, and much more.

Start Building a Serverless Application in 3 Minutes

With Stackery, you’ll gain critical architecture visualization, cloudlocal testing, and the ability to iterate with just a few clicks. Want to understand how to connect cloud resources with event handlers? That’s an instant benefit when using Stackery. 

Try it and see!

VS Code Plugin QuickStart Guide

Listen to a Joint Case Study Webinar With AWS on Application Modernization

Telecom quoting company MasterStream ERP was constrained by its former on-premises server infrastructure and monolithic software architecture. A “lift and shift” to the cloud wasn’t enough; the company needed to refactor its applications to take full advantage of a microservices architecture while enhancing security and compliance.

Using serverless tooling from Stackery and Amazon Web Services (AWS), MasterStream slashed its DevOps and management costs by up to 90% while increasing speed and scalability. Shifting to a DevOps-forward approach to serverless has enabled MasterStream to deploy releases multiple times per week.

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If you are a systems integrator or software consultancy working with clients on serverless projects, Stackery is a great way to add value. With the Stackery Partnership Program, you’ll:

Share a live, scalable proof-of-concept with your customers-- fast

Score automatic best-practices with AWS infrastructure security

Gain special partner pricing for the AWS Marketplace
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