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On-Demand Webinar — Modernizing Monolithic Apps with AWS & Stackery

10 min

A few weeks ago, Stackery had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with leaders from AWS and MasterStream ERP, a telecom-quoting company that has quite the architectural modernization story to tell due to their adoption of serverless with Stackery.


Deployment Pipeline Launch

Turn-key deployment of your serverless stacks
2 min

Stackery's deployment pipeline is now available to all users.


Automating Monitoring Partners

Lambda API extensions now include monitoring partners
3 min

AWS Lamba Extensions now allows for automation with monitoring partners.


Dangers of Console-Driven Development

How CCD falls short for developers and teams
4 min

Danielle responds to recent discussions about console-driven development and how it falls short in practice.


How to do Serverless Local Development

The Serverless Dev Workflow Challenge
8 min

We sit down to answer common serverless questions, such as "how do I develop serverless locally?", or "how should I test during development?".

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