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On-Demand Webinar — Modernizing Monolithic Apps with AWS & Stackery

10 min

A few weeks ago, Stackery had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with leaders from AWS and MasterStream ERP, a telecom-quoting company that has quite the architectural modernization story to tell due to their adoption of serverless with Stackery.


Deployment Pipeline Launch

Turn-key deployment of your serverless stacks
2 min

Stackery's deployment pipeline is now available to all users.


Automating Monitoring Partners

Lambda API extensions now include monitoring partners
3 min

AWS Lamba Extensions now allows for automation with monitoring partners.


Dangers of Console-Driven Development

How CCD falls short for developers and teams
4 min

Danielle responds to recent discussions about console-driven development and how it falls short in practice.


How to do Serverless Local Development

The Serverless Dev Workflow Challenge
8 min

We sit down to answer common serverless questions, such as "how do I develop serverless locally?", or "how should I test during development?".



Launching, a CloudFormation audit and visualization tool
3 min

Introducing to audit and visualize CloudFormation templates for best practices.


AWS CloudFormation Templates & Best Practices

Everything you need to know about CloudFormation
10 min

Learn about the power of AWS CloudFormation including best practices and examples for creating templates and deploying your first stack.


IAM Policy Basics and Best Practices

And how to use to build resilient secure policies
6 min

In this guide we'll take a look at the basics of IAM policies, just enough to understand best practices, and then look at some of the tools available to help us validate that our permissions follow best practices to secure our resources.

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