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Putting the Stack in JAMstack

Serverless + JAMstack is where web app architectures are going
3 min

Recently, I noticed an emerging workload running on our platform: the JAMstack. These JAMstack web apps can take many forms across 30+ frameworks, but examples like Gatsby or Hugo are easy to get started with. 


Creating Cognito User Pools with CloudFormation

Using Cognito in AWS
6 min

I’ve been working on creating AWS Cognito User Pools in CloudFormation, and thought this would be a good time to share some of what I’ve learned.


Alexa, How Can I Get AWS Credits?

Answer: By deploying an Alexa Skill with Stackery
10 min

Deploy an Alexa Skill to create your own AWS-themed interactive trivia (and receive $50 AWS credits). Win-win!

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