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Deployment Pipeline Launch

Turn-key deployment of your serverless stacks
2 min

Stackery's deployment pipeline is now available to all users.


Dangers of Console-Driven Development

How CCD falls short for developers and teams
4 min

Danielle responds to recent discussions about console-driven development and how it falls short in practice.


Introducing New Team Plan

New pricing structure built for teams
1 min

New Team Plan: $50/month for 3 developers; unlimited stacks


A Timeline of Resource Use

Stuck at home + data = graphs!
1 min

I'm a bit of a data nerd. And like many fortunate people, I'm still working from and generally staying home and have a lot spare time on my hands. So what does that combination result in? Graphs!


Alexa, How Can I Get AWS Credits?

Answer: By deploying an Alexa Skill with Stackery
10 min

Deploy an Alexa Skill to create your own AWS-themed interactive trivia (and receive $50 AWS credits). Win-win!


TwitterChat with Stackery after AWS re:Invent announcements

You can find us at #StackeryChats
1 min

Join us on December 16 at 2 pm to debrief re:Invent Serverless and Container Announcements



Launching, a CloudFormation audit and visualization tool
3 min

Introducing to audit and visualize CloudFormation templates for best practices.

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