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pre:Invent Roundup

All the AWS announcements that were eclipsed by an outage
4 min

Everything AWS announced in the week before re:Invent that you might have missed!


Andy Jassy's 2020 re:Invent Keynote, for DevOps

Reinventing compute without quantum
4 min

What today's big announcements mean for DevOps and Serverless


Hands Off Serverless Deployments

How AWS deploys in waves and what to think about when planning your deployments
5 min

Clare Liguori shared thoughts from the AWS container teams experience deploying changes to their global production environment. We break down the considerations so that you can achieve hands-off deployments in a similar way.


AWS Lambda Meets Container Images

Container Image Support for Serverless Lambda Functions
2 min

Container Images for Lambda Functions allow you to adopt serverless while keeping your image container image toolchain!


Alexa, How Can I Get AWS Credits?

Answer: By deploying an Alexa Skill with Stackery
10 min

Deploy an Alexa Skill to create your own AWS-themed interactive trivia (and receive $50 AWS credits). Win-win!


TwitterChat with Stackery after AWS re:Invent announcements

You can find us at #StackeryChats
1 min

Join us on December 16 at 2 pm to debrief re:Invent Serverless and Container Announcements


Your re:Invent 2020 Schedule

The Stackery team combed the schedule to find the must-attend events
1 min

Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps.

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