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Deployment Pipeline Launch

Turn-key deployment of your serverless stacks
2 min

Stackery's deployment pipeline is now available to all users.


Guide to Serverless Information Security

Featuring real-world examples
9 min

Information security (infosec) is a broad field. Its practitioners behave more like artists than engineers, and the array of possibilities leading to infosec failure are vast.


Does AWS Serverless care about IT Operations?

Their service naming says "no" but their breadth and quality of choice says "yes"
5 min

The memes around serverless are endless, generally involving how there are no servers, no operations teams, and how unicorns will use their magical horns to solve your application stability problems.



Launching, a CloudFormation audit and visualization tool
3 min

Introducing to audit and visualize CloudFormation templates for best practices.


IAM Policy Basics and Best Practices

And how to use to build resilient secure policies
6 min

In this guide we'll take a look at the basics of IAM policies, just enough to understand best practices, and then look at some of the tools available to help us validate that our permissions follow best practices to secure our resources.

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