Production Ready

The complete toolkit for serverless at any scale.

Serverless Operations Console

Serverless architectures solve a lot of development and operational challenges with the right tooling in place. Stackery provides the critical features to get your team up and running in production in no time. From infrastructure version control and collaboration to build automation and release management, Stackery brings production-grade operational standards to your serverless strategy.

The Missing Pieces

Don't let the need for environment configuration, secrets management, and deployment automation block you from unlocking the rapid release cycles and reduced infrastructure cost benefits of serverless. Stackery can help your team's serverless strategy align with the hard-won best practices your engineering teams have already embraced.

Health and Performance

Most serverless toolkits stop at deployment, but with Stackery you can manage the entire application lifecycle. With run-time error monitoring and automatic metrics and logging, you'll maintain full operational visibility of every resource at all times.