Master Serverless Quickly

The serverless tools you need, with best-practices built in.

Keep Your Current Workflow

With built-in git integration, you can continue using your preferred repository service and your team can keep their favorite IDEs, making the transition to serverless simple. Stackery automatically builds and ships dependencies so there are no changes to how you code, and with zero code modification you'll automatically have error monitoring on all of your serverless functions.

Mix and Match

Whether you're building API-driven request-response applications, using an event-driven model, or mixing serverless in with containers and virtual machines, Stackery supports your use case. Easily mix in services like API Gateway, Kinesis Streams, and Elastic Container Service with Docker, with the same level of support we offer for Lamda.

Collaborate as a Team

Your team can easily share, fork, and merge proposed changes in both code and infrastructure with Stackery. The application map makes it easy to get a high-level overview of the application design to quickly ramp up on anyone's project, and the environment management means it's easy to spin up a new development or test instance without stepping on anyone's toes.