Serverless Success With Stackery

See how companies and development teams are using Stackery’s velocity-building solutions to modernize their development processes and approach serverless technology with confidence and flexibility.

How The Blackwood Group Modernized Business Critical Software With Stackery

The Blackwood Group wanted to completely redevelop their front-end in web tech with agile, modern technology and turned to AWS. But while serverless on AWS seemed to be the right approach to their new development strategy, Blackwood was initially intimidated by the deluge of resources and information in the AWS universe.

Stackery allowed The Blackwood Group to save critical time and bandwidth by vastly simplifying consuming processes like writing YAML and connecting their serverless development to other resources.

With Stackery, the Blackwood Group’s software engineering team regularly adds APIs, puts them into a VPC, and is able to see the developmental payoff instantaneously.

Stackery Case Studies

Serverless for Enterprise Teams

When Ikon began developing more custom solutions for their clients, their software team decided to take advantage of the rapid, scalable innovation possible with serverless development.

Serverless for Enterprise Teams

MasterStream found that Stackery’s serverless confidence tools, infrastructure automation, and use of AWS best practices were part of an ideal recipe to go from monolith to serverless.

Serverless for Enterprise Teams

With an impetus of GDPR compliance, Blackwood sought to modernize their software development process using Lambda, CloudFormation, and other AWS tools.

Develop on Serverless with Confidence

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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