Focused, diversion-free serverless development
 from the comfort of your IDE

Tighten up your team's development workflow with the new Stackery Serverless Tools extension via Visual Studio Code.

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When it comes to serverless, infrastructure is developed in tandem with business logic. But business logic has always lived in your integrated development environment, siloed from your serverless infrastructure development. Toggling between browser tabs can start to feel a bit like whip-lash: not comfortable, nor ergonomic.

The new Stackery Visual Studio Code extension allows you to visualize and configure the AWS resources defined in your template.yaml or serverless.yml file within your integrated development environment.

Take your time and focus back with a more sustainable workflow.

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Stackery Serverless Tools VSC extension features:

  • Visual Editing of infrastructure-as-code templates, including:

    • AWS CloudFormation templates

    • AWS SAM

    • Serverless Framework

  • Visualization of stack architecture

  • Integration with the Stackery CLI for deployments

Iterate your infrastructure and application code concurrently under one roof with Stackery in VS Code.

Not a VS Code user? Not a problem. Stackery still supports any IDE.

Questions about Stackery? View our product page, contact us at or call us at 503-917-3111.
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