Enterprise Serverless Development for Teams

Scale you FaaS infrastructure to teams of any size without inviting chaos into the workflow. Engineering teams of all sizes can now build together seamlessly.

Software development lifecycles are changing. Teams have gone from handing off application code to deploying whole stacks of cloud resources. For developers to work together in a modern serverless software environment, everyone needs to be on the same page and synchronize. Stackery provides a way to streamline team build processes without hindering developer control.

A Platform Designed for Collaboration

Managing multiple AWS accounts and juggling configuration files doesn’t have to be time consuming. With Stackery, developers can instantly stand up an instance of an application from any git branch into an isolated environment in any AWS account they have access to. Stackery’s Git-based workflow and environment configuration store keeps secrets out of your repo and makes it simple to manage configuration differences between environments. Add a new engineer to a project and have them up and running in minutes.

A Platform Designed for Collaboration

All changes in Stackery are saved as  Git commits  so there is always a full view into  every application’s  history, including the underlying  infrastructure. 

Visibility and Integrations

The Stackery Operations Console allows every team member to easily see the performance of every cloud resource in an application. Stackery’s integration with AWS CloudWatch helps developers quickly find meaningful performance logs and gives them access to X-Ray traces without any special setup. As new cloud resources are added, engineers can drop into AWS CloudFormation to monitor provisioning progress. All changes in Stackery are saved as Git commits so there is always a full view into every application’s history, including the underlying infrastructure.

Automation and Security

Stackery easily integrates into existing CI processes so teams don’t have to change the way they build. Stackery eliminates any worries about managing versions no matter the team size. Different people can work on the same application in different stages and then share their builds when it’s time. Stackery automatically sandboxes each instance with scoped IAM roles and follows your existing IAM user privileges without extending your security model. Stackery helps serverless teams keep everyone organized, using best practices, and building with better consistency.

Serverless Automation and Security - Stackery

Build, manage, & deliver production-grade serverless applications

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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