Scale Architecture & Teams Seamlessly with Stackery

Every aspect of Stackery is built to scale teams and infrastructure without friction.

Successfully scaling serverless applications requires consistency and standardization, two things Stackery has built into every feature. Because teams using Stackery are always using a consistent approach to deploy new code, scaling doesn’t present problems. Stackery increases velocity while ensuring best practices by default so it can help avoid common growing pains that many software engineering teams experience as they embrace serverless.

Architecture at a Glance

Stackery’s operation console lets you see your entire architecture at a glance, making an often disparate, complex process easy for all team members to understand. Access metrics easily from the user interface for performance monitoring with automated error handling that saves developers time. Quick links to logs and CloudFormation resources provide an easy way to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Serverless Architecture at a Glance
Flexible Developer Workflows - Stackery

Flexible Developer Workflows

Stackery works the way you work. Go from your favorite version control system, to your favorite IDE, to your existing CI/CD pipeline with Stackery. The Stackery command line interface lets you prepare a deployment from any branch to any AWS account you have access to without leaving the console. Stackery’s CLI tool embeds into your CI/CD pipeline to automate and standardize your release mechanism, allowing you to quickly spin up an integration test environment, run your tests, tear down your test stack, and promote out to prod for reliable releases, every time.

Scale Your Team, Not Just Your Infrastructure

Stackery brings collaboration to serverless development. With Stackery, every member of your team can hit the ground running with automatically configured resources, environment management, and a consistent, centralized build process. Back code and infrastructure configuration in your existing version control system and extract secrets and environment variables into Stackery’s built-in environment manager. Pick a branch and a deployment target and hit “deploy.” Anyone can be up and running with their own application instance in seconds.

Stackery works  the way you work.  Anyone can be  up and running  with  their own application  instance in seconds.

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