Professionally Manage Serverless Resources in Real-Time

Keep an eye on all of your infrastructure at once with a centralized system that keeps all of your cloud resources within reach.

Serverless applications that run in production require constant monitoring and performance management. In order to increase engineering team velocity, developers need to have a clear view of what’s happening with the architecture. The simple, complete dashboard in Stackery keeps everyone on the same page.

Enterprise Application Monitoring

Get data in the context of the architecture. Stackery’s error and timeout monitoring give developers constant feedback on serverless application health and performance. With native integration into AWS CloudWatch, you’ll know that every function has consistent logging, metrics collection, and AWS X-Ray tracing. With one-click shortcuts to scoped logs and metrics in your own CloudWatch account, every software engineer gets complete visibility into their serverless architecture. Focus on building applications without wasting time hunting for meaningful diagnostic data.

Stackery Enterprise Serverless Monitoring

With native integration into AWS CloudWatch, you’ll know that every function has  consistent logging,   metrics collection,  and AWS X-Ray tracing.

Replicate Best Practices

Stackery automatically instruments each application, collecting metrics and logs, tracking errors, and providing richer diagnostics. As new cloud resources are built, the Stackery Operations Console provides guidance on how to properly configure each resource. This allows software engineering teams to manage their own infrastructure, while ensuring that resource configuration conforms to operational standards.

More Than Just a Framework

Stackery is a full-fledged operations console that is designed for large teams running mission-critical applications. When a problem occurs the issue is often not just troubleshooting, but putting the problem into context. Stackery provides a more complete picture by showing how data flows through the application and how the application is architected. With Stackery, you can build enterprise-class applications and manage them with the reliability that professional teams need.

Stackery - More Than Just a Framework

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