Develop Lambdas Locally Against Live AWS Services

Stackery takes the pain out of local serverless development – instantly select and configure Lambdas with other AWS services.

Individual developers along with teams of all sizes can quickly get serverless dev enviornments up and running and start building with just a few clicks. Develop functions against live AWS resources and manage every environment in the pipeline from a centralized operations console that integrates with existing CI/CD tools. Stackery provides better building blocks for serverless, so developers can spend less time on configuring and more time building and shipping.

Cloudside Consistency With Local Speed

With your existing IDE, the Stackery CLI, and the AWS SAM Local CLI you have the ability to quickly iterate your function code on your laptop against live cloud resources. Stackery provides a crucial gateway to let you connect your SAM CLI-hosted local Lambda with your cloud resources. This means you can run, debug, and re-write your code quickly, at the speed of local development. And those Lambdas can still talk to cloud-hosted resources.

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local aws lambda development

Everything You Need for Local AWS Lambda Development

  • Supercharge your tools
    Stackery enhances your existing IDE, cloud or on-prem version control, CI/CD process, and AWS accounts to collaboratively and consistently build apps with cloud services.
  • Cloud resource inventory
    Easily access build logs, AWS CloudWatch metrics, X-Ray traces, or advanced data from our monitoring partners to get the insight you need.
  • Professional consistency
    Keep code, configuration, credentials, and environments managed separately and organized. Consistently build and deploy locally and cloudside with permissions scoped, logging, instrumentation, and policy enforcement across every resource, in every environment, for every developer.
  • Standards compliance
    All Stackery output is open source AWS CloudFormation. If you decide Stackery isn’t for you, all Stackery output can be manually deployed within your self-managed dev/test/prod environments.
  • SaaS Minus The Data
    Your code stays in your repos and your data in your AWS accounts. Extend your existing security model to serverless with correctly scoped IAM service permissions, versioned rollbacks of every service, and inventory control.

Build, manage, & deliver production-grade serverless applications

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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