Build and test modern
apps up to 60x faster.

Supercharge your team’s productive focus on the core business logic of serverless applications with robust, accurate CloudLocal validation. The Stackery serverless platform scales the application of Well-Architected best practices with seamless transitions from the design process, across environmental stages and onward to delivery and production.

CloudLocal Development and Debugging

Eliminate the gap between your development laptop and the cloud execution environment. The CloudLocal features of the Stackery platform automate connectivity and permissions between laptop functions and AWS cloud resources ensuring rapid and accurate development iteration for any Lambda function in any language or framework.

CloudLocal Security

Take advantage of serverless CloudLocal, where you execute local versions of your function code in the full context of a deployed cloudside environment, including the critical IAM configuration. This avoids the need for keeping a local copy of environment variables and other forms of bookkeeping needed to integrate and validate with cloudside services.

Automated Instrumentation

Enable a development focus on the core business logic and the heart of your application, while the Stackery platform intelligently incorporates code instrumentation, overlay metrics, and ensures consistent and complete curated logs within your own AWS account.

Toolchain Integration

Gain the benefits of Stackery platform automation without losing access to vital productivity tools that support your development team. Stackery includes enterprise level integration with tools such as AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Server, GitHub, and GitLab and enables single sign-on user management through Okta.

Take a step forward with serverless and adopt a development platform that produces secure, highly-organized, and repeatable applications. Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today

Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today
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