Turn Sketches Into Code.

Define AWS resource relationships using an intelligent visual canvas with point-and-click speed. The Stackery platform automatically generates well structured code, infrastructure and environmental data as you go, reducing the overhead of otherwise complex application configuration.

Virtual Whiteboard

Empower team collaboration with a drag and drop canvas for service architectures that visualizes the interactions of stacks using from one to hundreds of resources. This virtual whiteboard empowers teams to architect and iterate the structure of applications leveraging a palette of dozens of AWS resources.

Resource Visualization

As an integrated part of the virtual architectural whiteboard, an instant reference pop-up feature enables you to easily make the conceptual leaps required to configure and interconnect the services and resources that implement your Well-Architected AWS application. These component references significantly reduce the learning curve for taking full advantage of the full range of AWS services and streamlines the overall design workflow.

Automated Infrastructure

Building from the visual representation of the application architecture, a background automated process generates all the necessary well-structured AWS CloudFormation and Serverless Application Model YAML to create the application infrastructure. The intelligent approach ensures comprehensive, well structured configuration files that build on the solid foundations of core AWS tools.

Security by Design

The design tools drive the automated creation of finely-scoped IAM roles and environment data for the overall services architecture and resources. The precision and consistency of the permissions structure generated by the Stackery platform ensures a sound security regime that is easy to maintain and carried forward into the development and delivery pipeline.

Take a step forward with serverless and adopt a development platform that produces secure, highly-organized, and repeatable applications. Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today

Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today
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