Security and governance from laptop to production.

Stackery secure delivery automation streamlines adherence to the AWS Well Architected framework and your organization’s security practices, to ensure a systematic team workflow without slowing you down. Consistent use of accounts, environments, and credentials combined with automated verification of the delivery pipeline provide comprehensive support for integrity and conformance as your team and application complexity grow.

Defined Environments

Stackery keeps environments in sync with AWS to segment resources, parameters, and secrets while underpinning systematically governed change management. Establish and maintain an optimized structure for the logical environments that define the delivery pipeline and the team roles related to the validation and deployment processes.

Fully-Scoped Permissions

Gain complete control of the delivery pipeline and alignment across all accounts and environments, enabling teams to make fully informed decisions about validating and promoting changes. This type of finely-tuned control reinforces the consistency you need to deliver secure serverless applications

Sandboxed Environment Tooling

Systematically manage the lifecycle of built stacks per-pull/merge request, including, executing a test suite, running load tests, audit checks, and whatever else is part of your team review process. These audit and test environments are refreshed when commits are added and torn down when the PR is closed for the most lightweight workflow possible

Automated Delivery

Automate all of the CI/CD machinery necessary to implement the verification and delivery process for your application, and ensure that it scales as development teams grow and the code base expands. This enables teams to engage more fully in the mission of core application creation instead of burning cycles on management of underlying infrastructure and process

Comprehensive Audit Logging

Comprehensively track the secure delivery pipeline as the application team moves a change from an individual’s laptop to the production AWS execution environment. Complete logging provides important insight to overall security and supports critical standards compliance processes

Take a step forward with serverless and adopt a development platform that produces secure, highly-organized, and repeatable applications. Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today

Learn more about the Stackery secure serverless platform today
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