Develop Serverless Applications up to 60x Faster

Spend more time writing code, and less time on configuration. Quick serverless configuration allows developers to focus on building applications without needing to overcome a learning curve. Stackery can generate hundreds of lines of serverless configuration code in just seconds with a few clicks.

The Best Build Tools for Serverless

Stackery doesn’t try to change the way developers work. Stackery’s well-documented command line interface fits easily into the development workflow for faster iteration, including cloud deployments. Developers can continue to use their same IDE, version control system and CI/CD pipeline. Stackery supports Github, GitLab and AWS CodeCommit for version control. Infrastructure configuration changes are tracked alongside code in your repository, so that you can always roll back your infrastructure and application together, at any time.

Infrastructure configuration changes are  tracked alongside code  in your repository, so that you can always  roll back your infrastructure  and application together.

Stackery Seamlessly Integrates with AWS CloudFormation

Seamlessly Integrates with AWS CloudFormation

You can quickly stand up an instance of the application at any point during the development cycle, from dev to prod. With Stackery’s built-in sandboxing, every instance is automatically isolated and namespaced so shared AWS developer accounts work together seamlessly. Stackery is built on top of cloud-standards AWS SAM and CloudFormation. Every release goes through the professional release mechanism with built in progress tracking of provisioned resources. Because Stackery eliminates needless complexity and extraneous configuration, you can focus on your application code and know that your infrastructure will just work as expected.

Building on AWS Standards

Because Stackery is built on AWS SAM, developers never lose the ability to control even the smallest details of their infrastructure. Stackery will quickly transpose your architecture into a SAM configuration template, backed in your version control system, saving countless hours writing thousands of lines of YAML. Use the Stackery Operations Console to build quickly with best practices, knowing that it's easy to drop into the serverless configuration code and edit manually, if you prefer.

Building on AWS Standards - Stackery

Build, manage, & deliver production-grade serverless applications

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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