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Great to meet you at AWS re:Invent.
Thanks for chatting with us about how Stackery can supercharge your serverless development workflow.

We’re giving your team 10 free active stacks* for a year!

Here’s what else you get with Stackery:

  • CLI and dashboard-triggered deployment
  • Simple architecture configuration with the VS Code IDE extension

  • A central dashboard for management of deployed stacks and visual template editing
  • Integration with all cloud-based git host providers
  • Cloudlocal AWS Lambda development
  • Preconfigured CI/CD deployment strategies and customized deployment hooks

  • Integrated parameters and secrets management
  • Unparalleled support from real serverless engineers

… and more for an unlimited number of users!

* An active stack is a version of a stack that has been deployed into an environment within an AWS account. If you deploy a stack into dev, test, and production environments, that equals three active stacks. A stack is considered active if it's deployed, regardless of the number of invocations or subsequent deployments it experiences.

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Build, manage, & deliver production-grade serverless applications

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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